Event Center

Rental of our Event Center starts with simply giving us a call to discuss your objectives and needs.  Our Event Center has flexibility in designing how you want your event to be arranged and conducted.  If you just need space and are arranging your own set up, we can accommodate that need.  If you need recommendations for catering or other support needs, we can help with those recommendations as well.


Our Events Center has over 600 sq ft of open space which can be easily adapted for large or small venues.  Social distancing is easily achieved for groups of up to 35 people.  As an education venue, we offer ample parking, a lecture hall, ADA compliant access, restaurant (unaffiliated) on the premises, WIFI and convenient restrooms.  


Our Event Center can be rented by the hour or by the day/week.  We have hosted government education seminars, professional club meetings, weddings and other large audience functions.  Call us to discuss your event and how our Event Center can be a part of achieving your goals.


Please give us a call at 252-247-7533