How much is it to rent your facility for our event?

An initial $200 booking fee holds your date. Then just $75 per hour will be charged. This includes all setup, event and cleanup time. See rental agreement for staging, piano rentals, and for other possible event add-ons.

A separate check of $150 for a refundable damage deposit is also required before starting setup. This will be returned to you if no damage to our facility occurs during your event.

Fees include the use of our chairs, tables, a mobile bar, garbage cans and kitchenette - if it isn’t already rented by another group.

What about setup? Who does that?

Our events staff person does all that as per your plan/diagram. He also stays in the building throughout your event and moves tables, chairs, or other equipment at your request. You are responsible for cleaning up your garbage and decorations – typically a 15-30 minute job. We have a large dumpster out back which can handle the remnants of the biggest parties.

How big is your rental space?

The auditorium is about 50ft x 50ft, making it about 2,500 square feet.

It will hold 120 seated at our 5ft round tables; or 170 seated theatre style rows.

We also have over 40 rectangular tables for classroom style workshops.

What about location?

We are about 15 minutes from the ocean. We have 55 slots for parking around the museum.

Can we bring alcohol, wine and beer?

Yes, with an ABC “Limited Special Occasion” permit that you obtain if you have a ticketed event; and

Liability insurance that names the Historical Society as “also insured” for the event date.

You can also hire a local bartender who has his/her own liability insurance.

Can we bring our own caterer, or our own food?

Yes, but it must be cooked elsewhere, or in our parking lot. Cooking food within the building is not permitted. Keeping it hot via Bunsen burners during your event is OK. We do have a list of local caterers listed at the end of the rental agreement.

When can I come see the room?

Yes, during regular museum hours (10 – 4 pm, Tuesday through Friday), it’s available for inspection. You can also go to the History Place on Facebook and see our photo album section marked weddings. It will show you how others have decorated the room for past events.

I want to book a date now. What is available?

Please give us three dates that might work for you, your phone number, and email address, and we’ll get back to you in one working day as to availability. We’ll also email or US Post you our rental agreement along with that info. Rentals by credit card can be taken over the phone or a check mailed to us.

Is there anything else you’d like to know?